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Hearing protection overview
"HiFi Plugs" - Earplug solutions with a particularly mature sound
MusicSafe SonicSet Pro

Our smallest plug with the best sound: "HiFi" – especially for musicians. New: Three pairs of filters and ventilation in the SonicSet with handy accessories [more...]


Our musician's plug with true sound: HiFi in your ear. With particularly firm triple lamella, filter and ventilation [more...]

Special plugs: Hearing protection with special tasks

Rest at night: Super soft sleeping plugs with a ventilation filter for multiple uses [more...]

UniFit II

The new protection for working in a noisy environment: highly comfortable with exchangeable filters. The alternative to ear muffs [more...]


For fliers: No more problems with pressure on takeoff and landing [more...]

TravelFit Set

The perfect set for any vacation: Protection with a high degree of comfort on trips [more...]

MotoSafe II

If you like riding motorcycles on-road or off and want hearing protection under your helmet, you will like what is behind this link [more...]


If you experience problems with pressure in your ears when flying or traveling over mountains, we have just the solution for you [more...]

Multiuse plugs: You can use these earplugs again and again

The eQuiet targets damaging high frequencies: An extremely economical filtering auditory protection [more...]

Jazz with Band

A clip highlight with an extravagant appearance. Learn more about this new hearing protection [more...]


Reusable, soft and with a snazzy outfit. Ohropax offers the latest thing with a whole new exciting line [more...]


Comfortable mini-plugs with a practical stick for insertion. You should always have a pair available [more...]

Foam plugs: Hearing protection made of soft, yielding material

The cutting edge of trendy: Extra soft plugs randomly colored [more...]


The master: Nobody provides greater calm. Extreme sound suppression (SNR=37 dB!) and extra soft design with a band [more...]

Bilsom 303

Economical conical foam plugs. Now aviable in two sizes [more...]

Ohropax Soft

Very high sound suppression and unobtrusive skin colors, an interesting plug [more...]

EAR Classic II

Low budget solutions for occasional use, now with a new recipe. Probably Europes most popular earplug [more...]

Sonic Matrix Select

A new material makes NoRoll plugs possible: Now in three combinable sound suppression levels [more...]


Comfortable mini-plugs with a practical stick for insertion. You should always have a pair available [more...]

Wax and silicone plugs: Shapeable earplugs
Ohropax Waxballs

The classic: 12 wax plugs rolled in cotton against sound and water [more...]

Mack's Plugs

Hygienic soft spheres with excellent high-frequency attenuation in three different colors [more...]

Wind and water protection: A blessing for sensitive auditory canals
Aquafit Adult

Soft lamella, firm seat: Optimum water protection for adult ears [more...]

Ohropax climate cotton

Wind & weather, cold and wet – with the climate cotton, no longer a problem for the ears [more...]

Aquafit Junior

Finally, protection against noise and water for people with very small ears and children [more...]

Ear muffs - Head phones: Mickey mouse for the ears
M1 (6-Point-Caps)

Unbelievably comfortable seat – fun to wear and maximum noise suppression [more...]

KidCaps Junior C1

Size-adjustable children's hearing protection in bright colors for children five and older [more...]

Z II Elastocap

Economical and comfortable: The Elastocap is very comfortable at a comfortable price [more...]

Noise meters
Sound level meter "D"

A professional device at a hobby price: Handy level meter with a surprisingly high-quality measuring technique [more...]

Pocket Ear

Volume meters and filter earplugs in a practical set for on the go [more...]

Cleaning, cases, boxes & accessories:
CleanUp (Cleanser)

Special cleaner for earplugs and individual earbuds in a practical spray dispenser [more...]


Specially for hearing protection: The case perfect for carrying in your pants pocket [more...]


A small tube with a screw-on cover that fits any pants pocket and keeps your earplugs clean [more...]

Sticker Ear Protection

Order the warning sign "Use hearing protection". Available in two sizes [more...]