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Protect your ears!Information about ear protection (ear plugs), sound level meter, noise, HiFi hearing protection for musicians and much more...

Welcome to SonicShop
The ear protection specialist.

Here you can find all you need about hearing and ear protection. It doesn’t matter if you are a musician, rifleman, noise worker, disco fan or somebody who wants to take care of his hearing.


New at SonicShop:

eQuiet The new extra elastic high frequency earplugs: eQuiet are reusable and ensures a constant exchange of air in your ear [more...]

Musician Earplugs

MusicSafe SonicSet ProThe smallest plug with the best sound: "HiFi" – especially for musicians. New: Three pairs of filters and ventilation in the SonicSet with handy accessories [more...]

Formula 1 season has started

MotoSafe IIDon't be satisfied with an ordinary rubber foam plug: MotoSafe II helps you to make your motor sports weekend a special experience. First class sound and ventilation, for the whole racing weekend [more...]

Silent night...

SleepSoftSleepSoft+ – for people who want to sleep without disturbances. Special soft membranes make sure that less noise disturbs you at night [more...]

Ohropax: Waxballs & more...

OhropaxOhropax - new and innovative ear protection products with especially impressionable protection [more...]

Noise is all around

PocketEarPocketEar is a new and innovative way to evaluate volume in your environment - now with ear plugs included [more...]

What is noise?

Or: what a concert has in common with a pneumatic hammer [learn more...]

Which for whom?

SonicShop provides ear plugs (ear protection) for all ranges of application. Click here for an overview [more...]

New plane earplug

earPlanesNew: for vacationers and frequent flyers. earPlanes stop pressure problems during take off and landing [more...]

New design

Jazz with bandWhen sound protection becomes an object of design: Jazz with band provides excellent technology combined with good looks [more...]

Nearly invisible

Ohropax SoftOur first rubber foam ear protection with the color of your skin: Ohropax Soft doesn’t attract attention [more...]