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Z II Elastocap

Flexible ear muffs which fit securely even when worn for a long time. Continuously adjustable setting on the sides; soft ear pads. Delivered in a shrink-wrap protective casing.

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Z II Elastocaps

Z II ElastocapsWhat makes low-priced ear muffs different from cheap ones?

Quite simple - they cost just as little, but are a better fit. Many cheap ear muffs feel tight after they have been worn for only fifteen minutes and wearing them thus becomes a trial.

Flexible and strong
SZ II Elastocap is made of a high-quality, strong, but lightweight synthetic material. The headband offers optimum flexibility while ensuring the cups stay firmly on the head. The adjustment rail can be set at any position to ensure the Z II fits perfectly Z IIonto any head shape. Even asymmetric heads don't present a problem.

Peace and quiet
When you put on the Z II Elastocap, you will immediately be overwhelmed by the absolute peace and quiet. The sturdy headband ensures it sits firmly on the head and padding is secured over the ears. Ambient noise Z II is reduced by a full 28 decibels. However, you can still hear when you are spoken to and alarm signals can be heard.

The padding makes a real difference
SonicgramThe special ear pads are particularly advantageous - soft, but inherently stable, they ensure the Z II Elastocap fits firmly and securely over the ears. The optional CleanUp spray enables padding to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.