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Ohropax Wax Balls (12 Balls Box)

The original since 1907: 12 wax balls rolled in cotton.

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12 packs

Ohropax Wax Balls

The classic - the original since 1907.

Ohropax Wax BallsWhen people talk about hearing protection they often talk about "Ohropax". These wax balls found lots of friends during the last decades.

The advantages are obvious: there is vaseline added to the paraffin wax which makes the wax balls soft and formable.

SonicGrammOhropax wax balls are perfect as hearing protection or water protection. A high and effective absorption makes for a reliable sound absorption. Due to its soft formability Ohropax fits perfectly.

After removing the outer cotton layer the balls become soft and formable by rolling with your Ohropax wax ballsfingers. You won't feel any pressure in your ear since OHROPAX is free from all kinds of reset forces. It comes in the color of your skin and thus is inconspicuous.

Ohropax wax balls can be stored at least for 4 years. For your safety we only deliver brand new goods with a note of the maximum usability on the outside of the package.


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